The Things You Should Know About Fb Covers

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Published: 04th July 2012
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Facebook covers, or Fb covers for short, provide the people who visit your profile with the first impression about your personality. Therefore, you need to have this in mind when you are uploading a photo or designing one for your profile. This is because these covers are public, which means that anyone can see them. You cannot restrict their visibility. With this public access, a family member, an employer or a potential one, and friends are able to see the cover. These people are likely to define your personality from the cover and it could either build or destroy the image perceived by the people who see it.

Apart from the image displayed by Fb covers, you can also portray your design ideas by creating various effects on the photo. These effects could be done using some software such as Photoshop, websites that deal with the design of such photos for use as covers on Facebook or image design websites such as pixlr. In the event whereby, you are not proficient in the design process, you could use the second option. This is whereby you visit one of the websites, which specialize in creating effects for the images used as covers for Facebook profiles.

These websites usually require visitors to create accounts with them before they can develop their Fb covers. In addition, some websites usually charge for their design services whereas others provide their visitors with free predesigned images. This means that you can create effects on a personal image or an image provided by these websites. Apart from the effects, which someone creates on a picture, someone is able change different aspects of the photo.

One, the Fb covers require specific measurements of a picture in order to ensure that the resolution quality is not compromised after upload. The Facebook social website is set such that the photo uploaded should measure 851 by 315 pixels. In the event whereby you do not have a photo that has these measurements, you could use the above options for adjustments. This way the photo will meet the Facebook requirements without compromising quality. Two, someone is able to change the background. This means that the background can have different color or it can be different from the one the picture was taken with. Three, someone can change the subject of the photo by adjusting color at different parts or changing specific parts of the subject such as moving them to different angles and sizes.

Even though a picture metaphorically represents a thousand words, sometimes it is necessary to pass a message using words. The same case applies to the use of Fb covers. Even though the photos used on these covers represent a person's personality, sometimes it is necessary to use some words. Therefore, the options named above for editing photos also allow the inclusion of text on the cover images. This way, the message that someone wants to put across is not mistaken for anything else.

When someone uses his design skills well in the creation of Fb covers, visitors to the website are impressed by the profile during the first visit. Therefore, this person easily attracts a high number of friends or fans. Moreover, this person is able to keep his fans and friends engaged by changing the cover frequently. In order to change the timeline cover, someone is supposed to open his profile. On the space provided for the cover photo, there is a provision button for changing the current image. Therefore, for someone who has great design skills, people will always look forward to seeing the image that the person will use after changing the current one.

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